Having established what we believe to be practical and safe Covid working practices,  although restrictions have been lifted we will continue to manage our traffic through the site, provide sanitisers, minimise touch and contact and comply with the Play Safe Stay Safe Guidelines. ALL GREEN FEES and RANGE SESSIONS will be booked via the online booking system creating a transparent visitor log of our visitors.  Additionally we ask that all patrons be aware of government guidelines and any restrictions implemented in connection with COVID19, adhering to the "Play Safe Stay Safe" England Golf policies, acting responsibly at all times. For any further enquiries email 

Lastly Please ENJOY your golf!

Surrey's Best Practice
& play Golf Facility Super Six' Hole Golf Course 2041 yards

Floodlit Driving Range
with Automated Tees Loyalty Cards & Range Ball Discounts

Practice Short Game Area
& Putting Greens Shop, Sam Putt Lab, Bar Restaurant (available for functions)


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Testimonials, what people think of Pachesham           

"Pachesham Park has everything I require for coaching at the highest level, great facilities, great location, excellent food and warm hospitality, I look forward to seeing you there"
Mark Roe
"I've recently bought a new set of golf clubs using Pachesham's custom club fitting technology. It was an amazing experience finding clubs exactly right for my game. They have given my confidence a hugh boost. I'm enjoying playing so much more and feel more in control of shots"
Jordan Hicks 7 H/cap
"An inspiring friendly golf environment with a great course and practice facility which will test the starter and developing golfer. "ALL are very sociable. Golfing at Pachesham is all about having fun and making some great golfing friends"
Stuart and Ann Mann
"Pachesham is a wonderful Golf Centre and particularly good for aspiring golfers looking to improve their game. You can practice all the shots, woods, irons and putting in all weather conditions!"
GM Rochussen
"Chris and I have been acquaintances for some years now. Over this time I have watched him grow and flourish as a leading teaching professional. I don't think I recall meeting a more diligent student of the game. His unwavering commitment to betterment has bestowed him with a set of beliefs that make him a current world-class golf teacher. His passion for the game and general good nature make him an absolute joy to be around."
Leah Hart Ladies European Tour Player
"Like 98% of all other golfers around the world, I have always bought my clubs straight off the rack and then wondered why the fit wasn't exactly right. But that was until I made a visit to the Custom Fit Centre at Pachesham Golf Centre and spent a fabulous morning with Mark being measured, fitted and assessed for what is now the most perfect set of clubs I have ever used. Everything about my style, swing and game was analysed and assessed and the recommended set of clubs is a perfect fit for my physique. I am now looking forward to some of my best days on the golf course!"
Anton Du Beke