Having established what we believe to be practical and safe Covid working practices,  although restrictions have been lifted we will continue to manage our traffic through the site, provide sanitisers, minimise touch and contact and comply with the Play Safe Stay Safe Guidelines. ALL GREEN FEES and RANGE SESSIONS will be booked via the online booking system creating a transparent visitor log of our visitors.  Additionally we ask that all patrons be aware of government guidelines and any restrictions implemented in connection with COVID19, adhering to the "Play Safe Stay Safe" England Golf policies, acting responsibly at all times. For any further enquiries email 

Lastly Please ENJOY your golf!

Surrey's Best Practice
& play Golf Facility Super Six' Hole Golf Course 2041 yards

Floodlit Driving Range
with Automated Tees Loyalty Cards & Range Ball Discounts

Practice Short Game Area
& Putting Greens Shop, Sam Putt Lab, Bar Restaurant (available for functions)


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Online Booking Help/Information

All bookings must now be prebooked online via 'Pachesham's Simply Book It' system  requiring registered contact details.


To Register/Set up Account go to >Click on the person image top right corner of the home page >sign out fill out appropriately.

To Book go to Click on >Book now  >Select your day >Select your time blocks.. NB blocks go all the way down,  scroll to find your preferred time frame block >Select your time >Sign in as an existing client or create a new client account, no card or payment details are registered only contact. NB if you do not wish to continue with the booking and are simply creating an account just abandon the booking by >log out >To continue with a booking go to payments and Bingo you are done. The system will then send a confirmation of your booking.

Range Bookings: Range Bookings include limited balls for one person per bay unless a parent and child. 

Range Bookings: for multiple Bookings on the same day and time; you simply need to alter the amount of persons in the drop down box under your range session selection. For multiple Bookings on different days and times; you need to book one day/time at a time and then select >'add another booking' and select your second booking day and time. Please Note however,  this is a live booking site, so naturally bookings are being made all the time. If you are trying to select bookings together on the same day/time you may have to select several different times before you find a time slot that has multiple sessions available. If you are struggling, simply make the bookings as near as possible together then contact us and we will amend them to the nearest available times together for you. NB If you are booking for third parties please make sure they are also advised of the cancellation policy.

Packages: now available to purchase in blocks of 5 or 10, valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. To redeem packages; you simply select a paid session at £12 using >Book Now as normal selecting you sesssion/day/time  (not member services) and upon >check out if you have purchased package credits, your account will display your package on the payment screen, >check/tick the box to use the package as your payment instead of entering card details, >confirm.  Package bookings can be rescheduled in the same way as paid sessions and the same cancellation policies apply. You can check your package credits at any time by going to >packages top right from your account (once signed in). Your balances  are also displayed each time you make a  booking. So you could also follow the 'book now' procedure through  to making  a booking using your package to display your balance and abort before the final confirmation.

Golf Course Bookings require a tee time for each 6 hole round so if you wish to play 12 holes you would need to bo book two tee time starts. At Pachesham we promote ready golf allocating no more than 60-80 minutes for each six hole round. So we advise if you wish to play 2 rounds your second tee time is 70-80 minutes after your first  allowing time to re-register for your second round.

To Re-schedule a Booking  we have an unlimited rescheduling facility so you can reschedule a booking at any time up to 24 hrs before the booking. Sign into your account from the home page of Simply Book. Go to: >the person icon in the top right hand corner and sign in: >select 'more' from the menu bar along the top of the home page  >select ‘my bookings’ this will show you all your up/coming and past bookings >select the booking you wish to change, amend accordingly.

Reset your Password: we do not have access to customers unique passwords but if you forget/mislay your password you can simply reset your password.
>go to the Simply Book homepage
>click on the person icon or the symbol on the top right hand corner of menu bar 
> enter your email/attempting to sign into your account
>click on remind password. This will generate an automated email that will be sent direct to you, with a link attached for you to enter a new password. >check the email is correct before continuing. NB depending on your mailbox security settings you may need to check your junk/spam folders as well as your main inbox for the reset email.
>Once in the reset email >click on the link >enter your new password 
>A note will then appear at the bottom showing 'profile successfully amended
>Then sign out of your account and back in again using your new password and you will be good to go.
We can generate an automated 'reset email' for you ..but in essence it is the same email that you can generate yourself from the simply book system. 

Cancellation Policy Once bookings are made within the 7 day online calendar you have secured a booking that cannot be resold, at which point all bookings are non refundable. You can reschedule like for like bookings up to 24 hours before as many times as you like. If you are still unable to attend you can transfer your booking to a friend or family member by calling/emailing Pachesham with their information endorsing you are willing to pass the slot on. 

Green Fee Credit Voucher Redemption follow the normal green fee bookings migration  >go to Book Now >Golf Course & Shortgame Area >select the credit voucher (which can be found at the bottom of the list of options).  The system will automatically pick up that you have a voucher credit against your account and will use this as  paymeent for the booking. If you need to amend or cancel the booking however you will need to contact Pachesham directly on T01372 843453 or please note our standard cancellation policy applies to all bookings including vouchers.


Historical Range Card Loyalty Members 2020/21: If you want to check your credits at any time; sign into your account from the home page of Simply Book. >Go to the person icon top right hand corner and sign in: >select 'membership' from the top menu bar then >select purchased plans and your credit status will appear. If you wish to check any of your bookings at any time once signed in  >select 'more' from the top menu then >select ‘my bookings’ this will show you all your up/coming and past bookings. Redeeming Credits: To redeem 'Mem Pre Paid' credits once signed in you >go to Book Now  >select >Member Pre Paid Services  then >select your chosen service from range to green fees options. If you need to amend or cancel a members pre paid booking however you will need to contact Pachesham directly on T01372 843453 or please note our standard cancellation policy however applies to all bookings