Surrey's Best Practice
& play Golf Facility Super Six' Hole Golf Course 2041 yards

Floodlit Driving Range
with Automated Tees Loyalty Cards & Range Ball Discounts

Practice Short Game Area
& Putting Greens Shop, Sam Putt Lab, Bar Restaurant (available for functions)

Golf Fitness

Another area that we can use to help golfers fulfill their potential and enjoy their golf involves advice and coaching on the physical factors relating to golf.

Our Golf Fitness and Conditioning Programme is run in conjunction with The Titleist Performance Institute.

During this process, you will be taken through a thorough golf specific screening process involving up to 30 individual assessments which will test the golfer's physical performance in posture, balance, mobility, stability, co-ordination, core strength and endurance.

The results of this series of assessments will help us put together a complete profile of your body's condition for golf. You, will then, have a completely personalised improvement program consisting of specially selected exercises and drills to help correct these physical limitations, for good. The work-out will be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle, You will be able to view your workout, record your progress all online at the TPI website. You can even download your workout onto your iPod and take it to the gym!

For more information, please email