Having established what we believe to be practical and safe Covid working practices,  although restrictions have been lifted we will continue to manage our traffic through the site, provide sanitisers, minimise touch and contact and comply with the Play Safe Stay Safe Guidelines. ALL GREEN FEES and RANGE SESSIONS will be booked via the online booking system creating a transparent visitor log of our visitors.  Additionally we ask that all patrons be aware of government guidelines and any restrictions implemented in connection with COVID19, adhering to the "Play Safe Stay Safe" England Golf policies, acting responsibly at all times. For any further enquiries email 

Lastly Please ENJOY your golf!

Surrey's Best Practice
& play Golf Facility Super Six' Hole Golf Course 2041 yards

Floodlit Driving Range
with Automated Tees Loyalty Cards & Range Ball Discounts

Practice Short Game Area
& Putting Greens Shop, Sam Putt Lab, Bar Restaurant (available for functions)


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The Shop has a comprehensive collection of golf clubs, all of which can be individually customised to fit every customer in the Fitting Centre. All of the team members in The Shop are happy to assist with all purchases or enquiries ensuring that every customer experiences a service to the highest standard.

"Here at Pachesham Golf Centre we stock six of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Through our golf custom fitting service, we are able to tailor premium golf clubs to the exact requirements of every one of my clients, making the difficult game we all love a little easier". 

The shop's product assortment includes the following brands:

Founded in 1982, Callaway is renowed for developing innovative products that help golfers hit, longer and straighter shots from tee to green, controlled higher-spinning shots around the green and smooth accurate putts. The list of lengendary Callaway products introduced accross the past three decades is 'EPIC' - through the combination of innovation and performance, Callaway has made a lasting impact on the golf equipment landscape.

 The Acushnet Company, founded in 1910 is responsible for the game of golf becoming synonymous with the brand 'Titleist'. Through years of innovation, dedication to processes and quality assurance Titleist has produced quality products since its inception. Starting with the infamous Pro V1 golf ball, 'the most played golf ball in the 'world', all equipment Titleist have produced subsequently is of the highest possible standard - an atrribute that is likely not to ever change.

From a six meter steel rod heated up to 1200 deg C, clobbered by a 1000 ton hammer, to an elegant and precise golf club ground by eye and hand. For thousands of years, the japanese forging tradition has been employed to create some of the world's finest swords and tools. In combination with Mizuno's market leading research and development, cutting edge technology and stunning craftmanship, Mizuno undoutedbly produce some of the finest irons on the market. Despite being renowed for their irons, Mizuno has a lot more to offer, as similar dedication and expert craftmanship goes into the creation of all Mizuno products.

 What started with a putter in the 60's, the PING brand has evolved to become one of the major names in golf. Whilst PING has stayed true to its origin by continuing to produce state of the art putters, it is the company's drivers, woods and irons that have captured the headlines more  prominently in recent years. It would appear that a golfer can put any PING club in their bag, ranging from the putter all the way to the driver and know they are playing with the highest quality of equipment. 

TaylorMade  Golf, practice the same values today as they did thirty years ago - delivering products that help players of all skill levels reach their potential. Since 1979 the company's mission has remained the same, Create the Best Performing Golf Products in the World. Endorsed by some of the best players on the tour, including golf's most successful player Tiger Woods, it is hard for any player to overlook the quality and innovation of Taylor Made products.

  Perhaps a less well-know brand in golf,  Yonex is a multi-sport company that haamassed a large following base across the world. A company that should be on every golfers radar, producing an extensive range of clubs that cater to a range of budgets. The Japanese manufacturing company is regarded to have some of the purest graphite in the industry, producing their own shafts for all their clubs, something no other major brand is yet to replicate.